Nov. 4th, 2007

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So, yes.   See, I knew I"d be talked into doing this lj thing and be all gung-ho and then abandon it.  At least, I knew that coming in so, hey, that's something, right?

Really, I did mean well.  But, I'd forgotten the fact that fandom is this huge-ass, sucking, thing that's like quicksand or whatever.  I've been out of it so long and thought, hey, yes, I can just dabble, right?  I'd just visit once in a while, read a little fic, and dash back out till the urge hit me again. 

How the hell was I to know that Supernatural Fandom was an all-consuming, eat-up-your-life, take no prisoners, living, breathing, evil thing????  I'd never even seen the freaking show, didn't have a clue!  So, I'm navigating lj and see some of my all-time favorite fic authors writing these brothers doing the nasty and I'm, like, ewwww?    Even though, slash is just the best thing ever in all the world...still....brothers?

But, like I said....if these most wonderful writers are doing the brothers, I'm evidently missing something.  So, I read.  And, read.  And read.  And, then read some fucking more.  For days.  For weeks and weeks.  Till my eyes are puddles of red in my face, sleep is a thing of the past, I don't  even venture out to get the mail anymore.  Well, except for the SPN DVDs I ordered, cause.  Yes.

And, course, there's the NASCAR slash which I've gotta do more of, cause, pretty boys with tons of horsepower=goodness.

And, cause of SPN, I've discovered the gorgeous that is Christian Kane and then that not only is his smoke-and-sex voice good for tempting Angel and Spike, but the *music*, and I'm all kinds of hooked.

So.  I give up, I'm waving my white flag, I cannot resist.  I succumb to the suckage of Fandom.   Now, I just gotta, you know, figure out all this lj posting-type stuff.


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