Apr. 8th, 2008

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I so love that it's getting summertime---sunny and almost 80 degrees today, and that makes my world a happy place.

Signed up for WinCon, YAY.  I haven't been to a Con in aaaaages and since this one is writercentric, I'm all kinds of excited to be
able to talk to all the great fic writers whose work consumes the bulk of my day sometimes, much to the exasperation of my boss. 

Plus, since this is a writercon, then that will spur me on to actually write again.  It's been aaaaages for that, also, except for a few random NASCAR fics.  Other than that it's been since HL and Sentinel days, geez. 

Obsession of the moment is SPN, it has taken me over.  Completely.  And, the trouble with SPN is that there are literally a gazillion stories and I've read till I'm cross-eyed and probably haven't even made a dent.  So, you know how it is, you read and read instead of write and write, cause it's addictive, reading about Sam and Dean and SamandDean.  Which can affect you in two different ways.

Firstly?   You spend a lot of time wading through dreck.  Cause, in any fandom there's just going to inevitably be a hell of a lot of dreck.  So, on your fic hunt, you start a lot of stories that don't take long to make your eyes start bleeding and your mind go numb until you can manage to click off and continue your hunt.  By that time, you can't write cause....well, your eyes are bleeding and your mind is numb.

The flip side of that is that you manage to find those shiny, golden fics that just abound in SPN, cause of all the amazing writers that have apparently fallen under the spell of Sam and Dean and SamandDean, and you just sit mesmerized and read for hours and hours until you reach the end that you never wanted to come cause you could just read that good stuff for days longer.  By that time, you can't write cause you're so freaking intimidated that there's just no use cause you're afraid you'll fall into the dreck category yourself.

Hmmppff.   Damn you, SPN ficcers.

But, I shall persevere and vow to work on that fic today.    Just as soon as I finish reading that one SamandDean........


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