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Title:  “And You Can Tell Everybody”     (Part 2/4)

Author: Gwenknight

Pairing:  Jensen/Jared

Other characters:  Christian Kane, Mike Rosenbaum, Tom Welling

Rating:  NC17

Disclaimer:  Total fiction, no money made, no harm intended

Notes:   Written for the J2AU “Summer Song Challenge”

Prompt/Song:  “Your Song” by Elton John

Author’s Notes:  I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time

I heard this song and I’ve loved it ever since. 


“And You Can Tell Everybody”
Part Two

“If I was a sculptor, but then again, no

Or a man who makes potions in a traveling show

I know it’s not much, but it’s the best I can do”



Afternoon shooting goes by quickly.  The action scenes are done for the moment and Jensen spends the rest of the day in fake motel rooms……really, really, ugly, tacky fake motel rooms…with Jared.  Dean cleans guns and mocks Sam for a thousand things and Sam researches on his laptop and bitches back at Dean, and it’s all good.  They nail take after take and make their director a happy man. 


Jensen knows the charisma between himself and Jared is a lot of what makes the Sam and Dean brother love come alive every week for the fans.  He also knows there is a huge contingent on the internet who have the brothers loving in a whole other way.  That contingent, however, definitely does not include Kripke and his Warner Brothers henchmen, who sign the paychecks and contracts, so Jensen struggles to mask the effects of the nooner in Jared’s trailer from the all-seeing eye of the cameras.  He’s careful to not let his gaze linger on Jared’s face too long, because Jared is generally an open book.  He delivers his lines in Dean’s finest sarcastic, smart-assed manner and forces himself not to think about Jared fucking him over the arm of the couch in his trailer.  Hard and quick and dirty, his big hands holding Jensen’s hips in place, his mouth painting filthy phrases across Jensen’s back.  He tries hard not to dwell on the way Jared had pressed him against the inside of the trailer door as they were leaving and kissed him, long and slow and sweet and full of everything he wants and everything Jensen just can’t give him. 


Sitting in his chair, outside of camera range, watching as Jared films a solo scene, Jensen wishes, like he does every single day, that he could be what Jared wants, what he needs him to be.  He watches while Jared horses around with the crew, making everyone around him comfortable and relaxed, keeping them laughing.


Jared is gorgeous and physically perfect.  He’s honest and open and intensely curious, running headlong at the world at mach speed.  Loving most of what he finds and dealing with the rest quickly and easily, before going on his way again.  Jared doesn’t bottle things up, doesn’t worry them to death like Jensen does.  He’s wicked smart and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but he’s so charismatic that when he brushes someone off, they don’t even realize it, aren’t even offended.   The whole world loves him.


Jared’s fearless.  He is what he is, take it or leave it, no dark secrets, nothing to hide.    Jared looks at him sometimes like he’s his whole world and that scares Jensen to death.   Jared gives everything and deserves to be with someone who can give him everything in return.


Jensen can’t be that guy. He wants like hell to be, more than anything.  But, he just can’t. 


His thoughts are interrupted when he hears Jared’s booming laugh, which sets off everyone around him.  Kim yells, “Cut!” and, throwing his hands in the air, declares the night over.  He’s trying to look stern and managerial, but Jensen sees him shake his head and grin at Jared before waving him off the set. 


Jensen checks his watch.  It’s not even midnight which, by Kripke Standard Time, is getting off early.  He walks to the wardrobe trailer with Jared where they exchange Sam’s and Dean’s clothes for their own.  They’ve got an unheard of complete weekend off and Jensen plans on sleeping in and seeing Chris for the first time in months.  Playing with the dogs and lounging around with Jared and doing absolutely nothing that even faintly resembles work. 


They pick up pizza on the way to Jared’s.  Jensen sets it out on the coffee table with cold beer while Jared wrestles around with Harley and Sadie a little before feeding them and getting them settled down for the night. 


He’s stretched out on the couch with a slice of hot pepperoni and a cold bottle of Stella when Jared wanders back in, picking up a beer and leaning down to give Jensen a sloppy kiss. 


Jensen wrinkles his nose.  “You smell like dog.”


Jared laughs and grabs a slice of the pizza.  “My dogs smell good, bitch.” 


Jensen lifts his legs for Jared to sit, then lays them back across his lap.  Jared aims the remote at the TV and brings up the Olympics.  They finish off dinner while singing the praises of Tivo and the USA basketball team, Jared’s fingers playing with the hem of Jensen’s jeans.


Six beers, two joints, and a pizza-and-a-half later, Team America has once again kicked ass.  Jensen’s full and lazy and a little bit high and he jumps when Jared pokes him in the belly with his finger.


“Hey, you.”  Jared untangles himself from Jensen’s legs, stands up, and holds out his hand.  “Bed.”


Jensen looks up at Jared, at the seventy feet of him standing there in his rumpled sleep pants and faded t-shirt.  Soft, sleepy eyes that are a million colors.  Wild-assed hair going every which way.


He’s never seen anything hotter.


They grope each other on the way to the bedroom, clumsy and eager, like it’s been forever and not just since lunchtime.  Jensen stumbles on the stairs and Jared catches him, pressing him against the wall, sucking a bruise in the hollow of his throat, fumbling Jensen’s belt off and throwing it to the floor.  Jensen breaks away, breathless, and manhandles Jared down the hall until they land on the bed, tangled up in each other. 


Getting naked involves a lot of pulling and tugging, a little ripping and shredding, and a string of frustrated curses, until they’re finally skin to skin.  Jensen fists Jared’s hair and hisses when Jared sucks at his nipples.  Shivers when Jared’s teeth graze his collarbone.  Moans when Jared’s tongue burns a trail over his ribs.  Sharp, quick bite to the flat of Jensen’s belly, his hands keeping a firm grip on Jensen’s hips to hold him still.  Jensen squirms restlessly, pushing against Jared’s hands, reaching for his hair, his shoulders, any fucking thing, just wanting to touch, Jesus, just needing, just…


Jared’s mouth on his cock is warm and wet and, ohgodperfect, and Jensen watches him and struggles not to come, fights to hang on, to make it last.  He settles his hands on Jared’s head, pushes his hair back away from his face so he can see.  See his cock sliding between Jared’s lips.  See Jared’s tongue lick at him, watches the way his cheeks hollow out when he sucks at Jensen like it’s all he’s ever wanted.  Jared hums around Jensen’s cock, sucking hard and easy and just right.  Cups Jensen’s balls in his hand and draws his cock into his throat until Jensen knows he’s either got to come or lose his fucking mind and then suddenly Jared moves away, climbing and kissing his way back up Jensen’s body.  Jensen’s grabbing at him and trying to push him back in the other direction and cursing all his ancestors, but Jared just laughs and holds him still.   Kisses him, hard and quick.


“God, you taste good.  I could suck you all night.”


Jensen huffs.  “Well, just another two minutes would do the trick, so what the fuck?”


“Cause first I think I’m maybe gonna fuck you into next week, yeah?”


Oh.  Well.  That’s a whole other story and Jensen can totally get on board with that. 


“Yeah.  Definitely, yeah.  Just, you know, HURRYTHE FUCK UP!” 


Jared’s already going for the condom and lube, fumbling in the nightstand drawer and Jensen doesn’t pass up the chance to wrap his hand around Jared’s cock and squeeze, cause Jared is hard and huge and gorgeous and right there.  It causes Jared to fumble more and let loose with what Jensen thinks might be a little bit of Latin, but then he’s back kneeling between Jensen’s legs with everything he needs.  Jensen spreads his legs more, cants his hips up, and promises Jared the world if he’ll just hurry, hurry, please God, hurry. 


Jared is just as strung out, so he doesn’t waste time teasing.  Coats his fingers and opens Jensen up as carefully as he can until Jensen’s threatening to end him.  Slides the condom on with shaking hands and holds his breath while he pushes into Jensen’s body, feels it close around him, pulling him in, pushing up against him until he’s balls deep. 


They’re both too far gone to make this last long.  It’s rough and urgent and noisy and the best kind of dirty.  It’s push and shove and fucking so deep that Jared prays he doesn’t hurt him, but Jensen’s hands are a demand on Jared’s skin, bruising him, marking him, owning him, not letting him back off an inch. 


Still, Jared pulls back until just the head of his cock is inside Jensen.  Holds himself up on trembling arms.  His voice has a strained, broken glass sound, when he looks down at Jensen through long, damp bangs.


“Touch yourself.”


Jensen watches Jared watching him as he wraps his hand around his own cock, sucks in a sharp breath, and begins to jerk himself off, rough and fast, because coming right the fuck now is an imperative.  Jared’s whispering filth at him, pushing his cock into him inch by agonizing inch, and then Jensen’s gone, coming so hard he thinks he might die from it.  Jared wraps a hand around Jensen’s fingers, milking everything Jensen’s got, taking it all, getting him through it until Jensen’s spent and shaking. 


Then, he steadies himself with his hands on Jensen’s thighs and fucks him.  Fucks him hard and deep, filling him up, stretching him open, thrusting into him over and over.  Jensen comes right back at him, meets him push for shove, urges him on, until Jared feels the burn at the base of his spine, until he feels strung out and breathless.  He fucks into Jensen as far as he can and then he’s coming apart, coming longer and harder than he can ever remember, straining to hold himself up until he can breathe again. 


He just barely manages to collapse beside Jensen and not on top of him.  Gets rid of the condom and then just lies back, heart pounding.  Jensen’s in no better shape, huffing and puffing and muttering “Holy Fuck” every now and then. 


He’s sweaty and sticky and needs a shower in the worst way and is debating over whether he can make that happen or he’d rather just drift off to sleep when Jensen makes the decision for him by getting up for a minute and returning to drop a wet washcloth in Jared’s lap.   Jared doesn’t move, mostly because he can’t yet, until Jensen lies back down and grumbles.  


“Hey.  I fetched.  You wash.”


“Whatever.”   Jared halfheartedly wipes them both down as best he can with the energy he’s got.  Anything else can wait until morning. 


He falls asleep to the sound of Jensen breathing slow and even next to him.


Jensen wakes up to the early morning light shining in through Jared’s bedroom windows, sunbeams filtering through the tree line.  Jared’s sleeping beside him, warm and solid, his arm thrown possessively across Jensen’s stomach. 


He looks impossibly young with his messy hair and long limbs that take up half the bed and then some.  Jensen doesn’t get much chance to see him this still and quiet and he knows it won’t last long.  Knows that he’ll wake up soon, all boundless energy.  Open and eager and trusting and not afraid of anything.  And, wanting Jensen to be right there with him, in front of god and everybody and it makes Jensen shake inside.


Because when he looks at Jared now, sleeping beside him, he feels the hearts and flowers kind of love, the now and forever kind of love.  The let’s-tell-the-whole-wide-world-and-move-in-together kind of love, the one Jared’s been telling him about for months now. 


It scares the fuck out of him.


Moving as quickly and silently as possible, he slides out of bed, gathers his clothes up, and gets dressed.  He’s relieved that the dogs are outside and can’t make noise as he calls a taxi.  He feels like the lowest kind of bastard as he takes the house key off his key ring and lays it on the hall table.  Locks the door behind him and feels something inside him break as he walks away.

Part Three:




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