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Thanks to my flist, I am now the proud owner of the Merlin eps and I'm completely lost.  Sigh.  So many pretty fandom boys, so little time. What I really needed was another fandom.   I do love this show, though and would not have even known about it except for the fic and vids I ran across.  Just like SPN, I came to the show through fandom. 

I've always adored the world of Camelot and this show is fun.  I love Anthony Head in anything.  And, the Merlin/Arthur relationship here has a Methos/Duncan vibe that makes me happy, so it's all good. 

On another subject, I am sick of snow, already.  Lucky for me, the Groundhog nearest me didn't see his shadow, so maybe this white crap will disappear soon and we'll have spring. 

Racing starts again this week!!!!    I'll still root for Junior, but I may just have lost my heart to Tony Stewart in his latest incarnation.

YAY for Leverage getting renewed!!   I love everyone on that show except for they whiny blonde.    And, who knew Aldis Hodge was hilarious?  Christian Kane is way hot, and Timothy Hutton is his always awesome self.  I'm so glad they got another season.

Just was channel surfing, waiting for SPN, and landed on Smallville.  And, immediately was reminded why I stopped watching this show when I saw vapid Lana attempting to emote all over my screen.  I thought they killed her off!  Ahhh, Rosenbaum, I miss you so. 

Wow, a ton of ya'll have signed up for Big Bang, and I bow at your feet, the lot of you.  I can't even comprehend taking on that many words, and with a deadline, yet.  I'd panic myself to death.  As it is, I am chomping at the bit to read all the brilliance.

Okay, off to watch SPN and strive to not be depressed as my boys struggle to find their way to each other again.  Kripke, I do still have faith.  Just, you know, hurry the fuck up!


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