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Man, one of my favorite races of the year and halfway through, I was all out of drivers to root for!

Tony and Denny take each other out....and, hey, I'm all about Smoke but, come on....methinks he needs to take a refresher course in anger management school.  That was *not* Denny's fault., the kid just outclassed Tony all the way round. 

The evil menace that is JPM ended Harvick's hopes for the day.  God, that guy just needs to get out of NASCAR till he can learn what the hell he's doing out there.

Junior.  Sigh.  Hell of a day for Junebug.   I finally gave up counting the wrecks he was caught up in.  I just know I missed seeing the #8 out front at Daytona.   That's just the way it's supposed to be. 

I hung in there, though, and was glad I did when the Shrub got beat.  Asshole.  Did he really expect help from Jeff and Jimmie?  He's so gone from HMS, and good riddance. 

All in all....Daytona was pretty much a bust this time around.
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It's just as I thought.   I made this journal thingy and can't find time to post.   Work gets in my way, I desperately need to be independently wealthy.    So, I'm basically talking to myself, since I can't get on here long enough to explore, meet the neighbors, and actually set up housekeeping.

Subbed to XM-radio, thanks to the evilness that is[info]catw00man , whom I hold directly responsible for my new crush on Jimmie Johnson.  I listened to his show and, who the hell knew????   There's a whole other Jimmie Johnson!   In all his slashable goodness. 

Speaking of slashable goodness,  so  sweet of Junior to pop in front of the cameras to give Trux props for his finish at Loudon.  All smiles and groping and such.  Sigh.

Daytona coming up.  Good times. 

This week's promises to myself......get my fic posted here, spruce up the place a bit, and finish that *(&^%^&* Harvick thing. 

Oh, yeah, and I think the 8 is really getting freed up!    How great is that???
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Okay, so everyone is always going on about livejournal and I'll try most anything once, so yes.  I spend so much time on here anyway, reading fic and such, I might as well take up residence.  What's another hour or twelve spent online a day anyway, right? So, techno-challenged, though I am........onward!


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