Jan. 31st, 2009

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Just a quick note to welcome new friends and say hello to constant friends.  And, yes......points to post title......I shall definitely post more, as I have firmly decided to pay more attention to my lj and less to cleaning house and working and such.  Sounds like  a plan.

Random stuff............

I'm still sorting out my thoughts on this week's SPN and so as not to spoil anyone, I'll just say nothing until I decide.  I just couldn't get on board with that Vinnie Barbarino dude. 

Racing starts up again in a week, YES!   I've missed it so.

We're supposed to get snow again on Monday.  And, working in a hospital, you don't get to take snow days.  They just send the rescue squad out to pick up employees.  That's just UnAmerican if you ask me, but whatever.   I can't wait for Groundhog Day.

I got a whole handful of gift cards to the bookstore for my birthday, so YAY.    My friends know me too well. :)  I shall go and spend hours in my favorite place.

I did get to see MBV and man, Jensen Ackles in 3D?   That's all kinds of awesome.  I loved him in TIH, I loved him in MBV.  The big screen loves him.  And, only a couple of weeks until the Padalecki on big screen too!   My heart may not take it. 

Anyone know where I can download Merlin eps?   I don't want to wait until mid-summer or whenever it is that they'll air in the US, because the fics and vids are driving me batty.  I've a feeling that fandom might swallow me whole, but I'm willing.

I'm reading Watchmen.  Again.  I. Cannot. Wait.

I've got to figure out the whole 'tag' thing on LJ, plus I want sidebar animations!!

Outta here.....there's cold beer beckoning.


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